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The Marxist Literary Group

The content of this website is being migrated to This website, while it will for a time contain material not yet archived at the new site, is no longer being updated.

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The Marxist Literary Group, an affiliated organization of the Modern Language Association, was formed in the early 1970s to promote the study of the social, political, and ideological elements and effects of literary texts and other cultural artefacts. The MLG especially wishes to promote scholarly consideration and discussion of the theoretical and practical contribution of Marxism and the Marxist tradition in the humanities and related disciplines. The MLG's major activities include the annual Summer Institute on Culture and Society and the journal Mediations. At each MLA convention we hold one or more paper sessions, a business meeting, and a cash bar (often cited as the most popular cash bar at the MLA, with attendances of up to 500 people). We also sponsor an annual session at the MMLA, with whom we are officially affiliated and occasionally at other regional MLA meetings.

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